Where I Found You

Courtesy of Sue Vincent

I thought to find you on the path

Between the heather patches.

You were not there.

I thought to find you along the roads

From here to other places I traveled,

But there were no traces.

I thought to find you along the routes

Where I walked the dogs.

Of course, there you were,

Ready to laugh and say they loved you best.

As you always did.

Taking treats from your pocket,

You fed and petted them.

Looking up at me, you said I had more

Grey than last you saw, but it didn’t look bad.

Your idea of a compliment, I know.

I killed the weeds of anger over things like that.

Now I must learn to trim back the hedges of grief.

Get electric hedge trimmers you laughingly said.

Then whispered I should learn from the dogs

And you’d meet me along the path

Between the heather one day.

And that was all.

You were gone.

Published by

Annette Kalandros

I am a retired teacher, enjoying everything that retirement means. In addition, I have been active in the LGBTQ community since I was four years old and marched my Ken doll with all his little Ken accouterments to the big metal trash can in the yard. Yes, I dumped Ken, along with said accouterments, into the can and slammed the lid on. My two Barbie dolls lived happily ever after.

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