Respite from Absence

A respite from
45, 100, 500 seconds,
751,680 minutes,
12,528 hours,
And now, for now
Bereft in the taking of leave
From her
Driving the miles
To the place called home
That is not one
Since she is not there
As the miles stretch out
Adding one to another
The hole within me forms
Widens, deepens
The place only she can fill
And know
I will hurry
Each minute and month on its way
Blessing each in its passing
Taking comfort in the moments
When days come that she can fill the part missing
A relief from being bereaved
In the absence of the home she is
Until the final day of five hundred twenty-two
Has been blessed in its passing
And I will be home forever.

Coldness of the Days

The coldness of the days between
Measured by degrees
Equaled by the miles
Separating desires
One from the other
With the freezing of the hours
Marking time and distance
Comes the ache of body and heart
Between the leaving and reuniting
To wake in a landscape filled with you
And the world I see within your blue eyes
Rather than a barren bed
Would warm and soothe
The ache of body and heart


Wanting the days to move forward,

I am impatient with seven,

a cat stretching after sleep

too lazy to jump to six,

a caterpillar crossing a continent of a day

in no hurry to cross to the edge of five,

and I feel closer to joy when it arrives

yet bells drone throughout the day

too slow in tolling the coming of four,

a tortoise with no urge

to race into three,

a wounded thing limping along as if too tired, too exhausted to hobble

into two,

a sloth with a grip too secure to drop from the tree

into one,

a glacier too slow to carry me

into zero

and to your door