The Promise We Must Be

Image courtesy of Sue Vincent

Darkness gathers upon the horizon of our land:

A land we have loved with the lives of our sons and daughters,

A land we have bled for,

A land we have built upon golden ideals,

Shining as a beacon to other nations


But the darkness gathers upon the horizon of our land:

For which we have done things of shame and sin,

For we have killed our sisters and brothers

Of all different colors,

For we have kept others in chains of injustice

Because we saw others as less than.


And now the darkness gathers in our cities,

Creeping along the horizon of our land.                                                          


Now. Now is the time to carry that torch

Lifted above the water of a harbor

And see its light spread across our land.

We must be the promise

For which our daughters and sons died.

Driving out the darkness,

We must all be the promise of the dream—

Liberty and justice for all.

In Our Youth

Image Courtesy of


You glisten always.

Lighting no difference–

In pitch black even,

You glisten,

As if oiled

With diamonds.

My heart twisted, bent,

Burned by the prism

Of your light.

Sweetened Stolen Dreams

Image from Pexels

Syrup still dripping from your fingertips,

you try to gift me the sugared dreams

you have stolen away

from a pearlescent candied sky.

I long to taste such dreams

of sweetened rest.

On The Horizon

Image courtesy of Sue Vincent

Gazing at lush greenness as it travels

along this vista, a soul emptied of itself,

shrinking away to dust

for all the of giving it had done,

breathes in fullness and begins to glow.

Only here in green wildness breathed,

can pinhole prick holes and jagged slashes

be sealed in a soul emptied of itself.


In this stillness,

You appeared,

Laughing, smiling—

A twirling blur

In a fresh dawn.

In this stillness,

I wanted

To move

Into the light of dawn

With you.

In the stillness,

I struggled,

And discovered

I could only watch

Your light filled swirls–

For I was the stillness.

Where I Found You

Courtesy of Sue Vincent

I thought to find you on the path

Between the heather patches.

You were not there.

I thought to find you along the roads

From here to other places I traveled,

But there were no traces.

I thought to find you along the routes

Where I walked the dogs.

Of course, there you were,

Ready to laugh and say they loved you best.

As you always did.

Taking treats from your pocket,

You fed and petted them.

Looking up at me, you said I had more

Grey than last you saw, but it didn’t look bad.

Your idea of a compliment, I know.

I killed the weeds of anger over things like that.

Now I must learn to trim back the hedges of grief.

Get electric hedge trimmers you laughingly said.

Then whispered I should learn from the dogs

And you’d meet me along the path

Between the heather one day.

And that was all.

You were gone.