On The Horizon

Image courtesy of Sue Vincent

Thursday photo prompt: Vista #writephoto

Gazing at lush greenness as it travels

along this vista, a soul emptied of itself,

shrinking away to dust

for all the of giving it had done,

breathes in fullness and begins to glow.

Only here in green wildness breathed,

can pinhole prick holes and jagged slashes

be sealed in a soul emptied of itself.

Where I Found You

Courtesy of Sue Vincent

I thought to find you on the path

Between the heather patches.

You were not there.

I thought to find you along the roads

From here to other places I traveled,

But there were no traces.

I thought to find you along the routes

Where I walked the dogs.

Of course, there you were,

Ready to laugh and say they loved you best.

As you always did.

Taking treats from your pocket,

You fed and petted them.

Looking up at me, you said I had more

Grey than last you saw, but it didn’t look bad.

Your idea of a compliment, I know.

I killed the weeds of anger over things like that.

Now I must learn to trim back the hedges of grief.

Get electric hedge trimmers you laughingly said.

Then whispered I should learn from the dogs

And you’d meet me along the path

Between the heather one day.

And that was all.

You were gone.


image courtesy of scvincent.com

I can not begin to hold

the silver in the twilight air,

for it too quickly slips from my fingers.

My feet stuck in my quicksand thoughts

of moonlight shimmering on silvered hair

so, stop any step toward a silver chance,

Slipping away like silk as twilight

Fades into velvet night.

For White Pearls

Image courtesy of http://www.thepearlsource.com

Faceless, nameless

Are the multitudes

Who still exist

Within the air

Of a past colliding

Upon your present.

Unpleasant for you,

I know, disruption

To the course of your

Day to day

Good morning harmony,

The dripping sugar whiteness

Of your “girl next door” hood.

You are not faceless.

You are not nameless.

Your language drips privileged

White pearls of empty empathy.

Turn your television off with white pride,

The faceless and the nameless

Will not apologize for the noose

You feel tightening around

Your Good Morning Positivity

As faced and named change comes

To Our Nation.



Image from BBC Culture- The Strange Power of the Evil Eye

Serrated edges of your secrets

Sliced open my chest long ago.

Yet, I carried those secrets

Across the borders of decades.

I guarded those secrets like gemstones.

I wore them as talismans,

Good luck charms, rubbing each

Like burnished bronze of ages old.

Why have I kept them so?

I do not know.


Spirit of Stone

Photo courtesy of Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt Veiled #writephoto

For visually challenged writers, the image shows a green horizon, beyond which the mist veils a hill topped with strange rock formations.

I knelt before God

as the earth was formed.

For ages I have been here,

spirit of stone unmoving,

waiting above the forest land.

I am the tonnage of stones,

living veiled behind swirling mists.

Yet, I am billions of stones,

existing beyond the veil.

I press the earth for meaning

when I hear the children of earth wail

of suffering through centuries.

I rise above the peace of forest land,

lifting the tonnage of anger I carry.

I am the billions of stones now,

moving beyond the veil.

I have risen, the world,

carrying justice

in the weight of stone,

the children of earth will not be moved.

Behind the veil, I am the tonnage of stones.

I will retreat there when this time is done.



On our knees

We have spent lifetimes,

Ages, centuries, and still

On our knees

Are we

Of color

Of gender

Of any difference at all

If you’d so, please

To know the truth

If you’d care

To know

We’d given up hope

Of walking fearless long ago

When you brought out

The hoses and the dogs

We’ve begged and pleaded

And marched

We even, yes, the irony of it all,

We even took the knee,

To respect but protest

The shameful sin

Of how you treated us all

But even in our silence

Deemed too mouthy

By those who wished

Us no mouth at all

You slapped us down

Called us unamerican

For believing, for asking

For the promise

Of liberty for us all

No more on our knees

No more No more No more

On our knees or knees

Upon our backs and necks

No more begging on our knees

We stand straight and tall

The day is here and now

For righteousness

To flood the words with meaning

Finally, finally

Liberty and Justice for All


in response to the phrase “on our knees”

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge: Tuesday, June 2, 2020