We Didn’t Care

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Dreams came,

Dancing for a time

While arrogance grew.

We were better, best–

With nothing left to prove

Glorious above any others–

God’s chosen led by the chosen one,

Or so they claimed  

While people died in the streets.

We turned our fingers orange with Cheeto dust,

Stuffing our mouths,

And didn’t care who died.

It was all for our entertainment, anyway.

We watched democracy die

With Lady Liberty and Justice

Beaten bloody in the streets.

But hey, Walmart had toilet paper and Doritos–

And that’s what really mattered.

We screamed about white, black, blue

Red, and all the rainbow colors

Until our screams and colors bled

Into midnight blackness

Then the lights went out

When God’s Grace got up and left.

Published by

Annette Kalandros

I am a retired teacher, enjoying everything that retirement means. In addition, I have been active in the LGBTQ community since I was four years old and marched my Ken doll with all his little Ken accouterments to the big metal trash can in the yard. Yes, I dumped Ken, along with said accouterments, into the can and slammed the lid on. My two Barbie dolls lived happily ever after.

4 thoughts on “We Didn’t Care”

  1. Soooo…. true…. my heart hearts. My brain exploded long ago, but putting this poetically as you have done… this is when we say– Yes. This. No. No More. I am personally especially touched by your last line since I too wonder, why in the world would God stick around? Shalom, and thank you for digging into pain with hope still glimmering on the horizon, maybe….. Jane

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  2. Wow! Soooooo accurate! It reminded me of the last scene from the movie “Planet of the Apes” (1968), where they found the Statue of Liberty berried in the sand and only her head could be seen (sorry for the spoiler), and the apes cried: “You finally did it!” It was towards the humans.

    We, in Israel, are facing a very hard time fighting for keeping our democracy by protesting in the streets all over the country. Not so easy when the police, which should be protecting the protesters, are against the by beating and arresting people with no justification. A total chaos here 😦

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